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Complex Care


Complex Care

What is Complex Care?

People who are receiving complex care typically have substantial and on-going healthcare needs as a result of chronic illness, disabilities or following hospital treatment.

When someone needs to receive complex medical care, most believe the only place this can be provided is in a hospital or care home setting. However, more and more families are now choosing to receive this care in the comfort and familiarity of their own home with care provided by a specialist live-in care provider, who employs professional carers trained to support a number of complex medical conditions. Complex care is sometimes referred to as long-term or continuing care.and your family to find a solution that’s right for you.

Funding complex care 

In the UK, medical care for those who have an identified healthcare need is free at the point of delivery, whether that is in an NHS hospital setting, care home or for those who choose to have care at home.

Funding for health care services outside of a hospital setting is called NHS Continuing Healthcare and is arranged through regional Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s), who is also responsible for assessing an individual’s eligibility for funded services.

To be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding for complex care, an individual will have been assessed as their primary need being health related. A complex medical condition requires high levels of intervention and on-going support, including palliative care. Sadly, for many families this funding will not necessarily cover those who require dementia care either in the home or in a residential care setting. However, there have been some instances where it has been granted to those living with dementia, so it is worth pursuing an assessment with your local CCG.

The complex care assessment process explained

Whether you are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding or not, it is important for your on-going care needs to be assessed. At KP Live-in services, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of needs working with other health care professionals involved in an individual’s care. Our team consists of experts in the field of clinical complex care and our carers are trained to provide nurse-led care in the home. We work collaboratively with CCG Continuing Healthcare teams, the family and other professionals to support the assessment process. This ensures the live-in care plan accurately reflects not just the medical aspects of a person’s care but provides a holistic view of how that person wishes to live their life, with the focus on improving overall health and wellbeing. We ensure that the transition to complex care at home is seamless, providing everyone with peace of mind and reassurance when they need it most.

Can we help?

If you or a loved one could use our professional support, it might be time to get in touch. One of our dedicated care coordinators will be happy to discuss a plan that’s most suitable for you.

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