How Live-in Care works?

Working together to enrich your life

Live-in care provided by a professional carer offers a practical, highly personalised and cost-effective alternative to a residential or nursing home. It offers high levels of one-to-one care, support and companionship – something that even the very best care homes simply cannot achieve. Live-in care enables individuals, and couples to remain living in the comfort, familiarity and security of their own home maintaining independence and dignity – isn’t that what we all want? Once you and your family have decided that 24-hour live-in care may be your preferred option, it is important to understand what is involved and how the arrangement will work.


What do I need to provide for my carer?

All that is required is a spare room for the carer to have their own space during breaks and to sleep, with a TV for their relaxation and internet access so they are able to complete the paperwork required to manage your care. The carer will cook your daily meals and eat the same food, with you if you wish.


Comprehensive care planning

An in-depth assessment of your needs

At KP Live-in Services, we have a team of live-in care experts and clinical specialists ready to help you and your family every step of the way. The process starts with a friendly discussion with our manager , who will listen to your needs and provide any information you require.

We will then organise for a no obligation assessment of your needs – this is not just to discuss and  provide for your care and support needs, but your choices, routines and preferences to ensure you live your life the way you always have with the right level of support. We pride ourselves on taking the time to really listen to you and your family to create the plan of care that suits all your needs. This care plan will then guide our care companion and other healthcare professionals involved to provide the care and support you need, as and when you need it.

Matching the perfect care team

We are proud of the approach we take to matching the needs of our clients to the skills, expertise, and personalities of our care companions. By getting to know you as a person and how you wish to live your life we are able to find carers who share common interests, have the same values that you hold dear and are respectful of how you wish to live in your home.

​If for whatever reason we do not get it right first time, we will quickly work with you and your family to make a change if needed. All our care companions  are highly trained to support those who are living with specialist conditions, like dementiaParkinson or Multiple Sclerosis, or for those who require stroke carecancer care or palliative end-of-life care. Whether you require personal care or complex care at home, you can be assured of a high-quality service from expert care companions supported by the office staff at KP Live in Services.

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KP Live-in Services


Can we help?

If you or a loved one could use our professional support, it might be time to get in touch. One of our dedicated care coordinators will be happy to discuss a plan that’s most suitable for you.

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