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You do not need to relocate when quality, trusted care can be delivered within your own home?

Live-in Care is a very popular form of support, with over 20,000 UK residents receiving this specialist service. If you do not want to go into a care facility, then Live-in Care is a good alternative – the only thing you need is a spare bedroom in your property.

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How Live-in Care can help you

Professional live-in care within your own home lets your loved ones continue to live their life at home even when alone or when family are live far away. KP Live-in Services come with considerable benefits including;

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Maintain independence and remain living at home within your own community

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Avoid the high costs of residential living

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Get individual support with a solution completely tailored to you

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You can stay in your home, alongside any family members or pets

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Your care companion can support you to get the medication, nutrition and hydration you need

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Companionship helps prevent isolation or loneliness

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Reduce the risk of severe falls resulting in hospitalisation

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Help with domestic chores including meal preparation, light gardening, cleaning, ironing and laundry


What Live-in Care can provide

A live-in carer will provide a range of care and support in your home:

Personal Care

Personal care is a broad term used for several tasks to help you maintain your personal hygiene and appearance, including washing, dressing, grooming and toileting.

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Your perfectly matched care team is there to provide all the companionship you need – a listening ear, a friendly chat over a cup of tea, reassurance when you need it. The carer will be on hand when you need but will also use discretion and be aware when you need your own space.

Social & Emotional Support

The care plan will outline all your social interests and preferences and the carer will help you to maintain all your activities and hobbies, both in and out of your home. The carer will support you to continue to feel connected to your family, friends and local community facilitating any social events or gatherings you wish to have or attend.

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Professional Support

If you are living with a condition like dementia, Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis or require stroke care or palliative care, your professional carer will be trained to provide you with the specialist care you need whilst focusing on improving your quality of life.

Medications administrations and management

The carer is trained to proactively and efficiently administer medications to ensure your optimum health and wellbeing.

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Meal Preparation & Cookings

Carers will help you to plan your meals according to your dietary requirements, nutritional needs and personal preferences, including cooking your favourite meals and shopping for your groceries.

Domestic & Household Support

A professional carer will ensure your cleaning regime and domestic household tasks are maintained, so you can live in your home the way you always have. The carer will help with household administration and is happy to run errands out of the home.

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