Could the role of a Live-in Care Companion be for you?

There are many people who have worked hard to achieve their dream of living in sunnier climbs and finding their little piece of paradise, and indeed, many have chosen to settle on the Costa Blanca in Spain, with its relaxed way of life, outstanding climate and often considered low-cost way of living, make it an ideal option for living abroad.

But with local businesses taking a knock from the ongoing pandemic and drops in levels of tourism, some people who moved abroad with the need to rely on an income from regular work, have been struggling to find employment to keep their dream in the sun going, with some having to sadly return back their home countries.

This article has been written because we know there are some wonderful, caring, and compassionate people out there; this was very evident in the way we looked out for each other during the lockdowns and in many other circumstances beyond. In some respects, the pandemic revitalised many people’s faith in humanity. So, if you are looking for work, a career change, or simply to change your circumstance, be it casual or regular, and you think you might be the right fit for the role of a live-in care companion, then you might want to read on….

So, what is a Care Companion / Live-in Carer? Could it be a role for you?

This individual is a fully trained (by us) carer, or to their companions often an ‘angel without wings!’ They help and support an individual or sometimes a couple who may have specific care needs, but they need a little help to remain independent in the comfort and safety of their own home and so they seek Live-in Care Services.

Many Care Companions travel to their customer from another country and live with them for an average range of two to four weeks, sometimes more, but this is flexible to suit all parties. When you are at work, you will always have clear guidance and support, as well as defined working times, you will also have many non-contact hours, opportunities for breaks and you will not have to pay for your food or accommodation while you are working.

Most Care Companions take home up to £700 per week, but this can depend on experience and hours worked. The average age of a Live-in Care Companion is 40+ and the role often works well for people who are interested in combining caring with visiting family in the UK or even travelling. In all cases, there is a very stringent selection procedure during the application process.

This type of care service has recently become immensely popular, especially since the lockdown Care Home fiasco – where so many people were unable to see their loved ones. Live-in care is ideal for customers who would much rather stay at home, sticking to the routine they enjoy, continuing to see the people they love and doing the activities and hobbies they have always enjoyed.

Care Companions often find that they progress significantly because of their role and gain so much from assisting their customers to have a better quality of life; making new friends, and improving professional skills. As quoted by one of our Care Companions:

“Working with my customers is so rewarding: their attitude to life, sense of humour, wisdom and tales of the past are incredibly fascinating. Often these are human beings have lived very interesting lives and they always have stories to tell. I feel privileged that they wish to share such treasured moments with me and being their live-in care companion reminds me never to take any of my time for granted”

It does take tolerance and the get-up-and-go to look after someone day-to-day, but many of our Care Companions say their customers have such great personalities, they laugh a lot and simply feel honoured to be able to enhance the lives of these special folk in their twilight years.

So, whether it’s helping with personal care, keeping on top of the chores, simply playing a game, watching a movie, or getting around the house or out and about, many of our Care Companions become an absolute rock to their clients, enabling them to live the way they want every day.

Without doubt, the life of a live-in carer is not a ‘traditional’ career choice. However, the value that they add to an older person’s life is immense – and it’s clear that Care Companions gain a great deal from their work too.

About KP live-in Services | Why work for us?

KP-Live in Services is part of the Kare Plus group and while a relatively new company, it is collaboration of highly skilled and Live-in care professional devotees who have worked in this sector for many years. We set up this new company to meet the ever-growing demands from our clients for outstanding Live-in care services. We get the best clients because we are passionate about giving our Customers and our Care Companions the best service and support, we simply love what we do.

As well as some Live-in care roles nationwide, we also currently have some community care roles available in the beautiful spa town of Bath, where hotel standard accommodation is provided along with food and travel costs. This is an incredibly diverse position and very suitable for Care Companions who prefer a bit more change in their daily assignments.

We are looking for like-minded people to join our team – why not come help us to enhance your life and others? If you are interested and would like to know more about the role and all the career opportunities we have to offer, then please get do get in touch with Janet at or call her on M: 07508 525 716 | T: 0330 995 0037

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