Disability Care

Specialist's in Live-in Care for people living with a disability


Disability Care

Disability care can support function and help people affected by disability to live independently and with dignity. Each disabled person has different challenges and needs, so there can’t be a one size fits all disability and carers service. Hometouch performs a careful assessment to work out what disability home care and support is needed, makes a disability care plan, then finds the right person to provide that disability care at home.

What are the benefits of disability care?

Disability care can help someone with a disability continue living in their own home, surrounded by family, neighbours and home comforts. The right caregiver can help each individual lead a comfortable and fulfilling life, in their own home.

Expert disability care: Hometouch has specially trained carers, experienced in working with people living with disabilities. Carers can provide practical help with the activities of daily living, like cleaning, cooking and dressing, support mobility, transferring and toileting and help with complex needs like incontinence or tube feeding.

Control and choice: Personal budgets and direct payments can help individuals affected with disability access the right care for them. Making informed decisions about the type of care wanted, the times it is needed and the right person to administer that support can empower each individual and make the care experience a positive one.

Flexible care: Care at home can be flexible and can be adapted to it any changing needs, which is particularly important if someone is affected by a degenerative disease, or finds themselves temporarily disabled.

The right carer: Care is about a personal interaction. We don’t all get on with the same people. When you hire a home carer, you have the opportunity to check them out. You can review their references, meet them and even run a trial shift, so that you know that they suit you and can be trusted, it’s about balancing the information that an agency like Hometouch can provide with your own gut instinct.

Learning Disability Care

We’ve been working with people with learning disabilities for many years, so we’ve got lots of experience of providing support to people living with Down syndrome or autism, for example.

We want you to have choice and control over how you live your life. We’ll help you shine, giving you the support you need to be as independent as you want.

You can ask us to help you a little, or a lot. It can be in your family home, or helping you live on your own. It’s about living life with the same choice, rights and responsibilities as anyone else. We’ll work with you to find the support that’s right for you.

How we can assist you or your loved one

A live-in care support worker comes and lives in your home. They’ll spend every day with you, supporting you with things like:

  • Helping with bathing and dressing

  • Reducing anxiety

  • Helping you stay in touch with family and friends

  • Getting you the right information so you can make choices

  • Supporting you with everyday tasks, such as menu planning, cleaning and budgeting

Most importantly, they’ll be someone you can trust and talk to, like a friend.

We take time to carefully match a care worker to you, your likes and dislikes.

Can we help?

If you or a loved one could use our professional support, it might be time to get in touch. One of our dedicated care coordinators will be happy to discuss a plan that’s most suitable for you.

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