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Support when you need it most

As with any kind of commitment, we strongly advise any potential customers to seek advice about what funding options are available to them.

It is usually the case that if you have a long-term care requirement, your local council can support you with funding dependent on your level
of savings or income. Alternatively you may be able to get non-means tested support for funding with personal health budgets.


Support when you need it most

Funding Live-in Care services can seem a bit daunting, but there are a few different options to choose from depending on your circumstances.

Live-in care costs are typically in line with a care home, and sometimes less. Costs in care homes can be much more if you need nursing care. With live-in care you have the added value of being able to keep your family home and the fee you pay for your care is purely for the quality support you receive and not the room and board of a residential home.

If you are a couple live-in care really is a cost-effective option. In a care home you would be charged double for two bedrooms. With live-in care there is only a nominal cost if two people receive care at the same address.

Live-in care is often cheaper than the total cost of domiciliary care for people living with complex medical or specialist conditions. When a person is receiving hourly care, provided by a domiciliary care provider it is likely that you will be charged extras for additional services to support the person’s medical and care needs on top of the cost of a carer visiting.

These extras add up and can become costly over time. The total cost to provide hourly care to someone living with high or complex needs is likely to exceed the price of an inclusive live-in care service.


Funding care privately

Privately funding your homecare is a relatively simple process and a significant number of customers identify this as their main method of choice where possible.

It provides a high level of adaptability and customisation, whereas with other sources of funding you will probably be limited in the exact care youcan get, private funding leaves the exact specification of care up to you.

Funding by Local Authority

Depending on how much you have saved, your income and your care needs, there may be funding available to you from your local council or local authority.

This funding is usually divided into means tested and non-means tested varieties, you may also be eligible for funding from a number of benefits and support funds that can be used to help pay for your continuing care.

Funding by independent groups

It may be possible to have money which is set aside for your care paid directly to you or a third party acting on your behalf. Your council may offer direct payments which is money they have determined you need for care, enabling you to purchase care yourself.

Personal health budgets can be paid directly to you by the NHS in order for you to set up a package with a care provider of our choice. A separate document concerning personal health budgets is available from your local Kare Plus.

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