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Elderly Care

Specialist's in Live-in Care for the elderly


We find the right balance

We can step in to fulfil the needs of the elderly person, whether frail and having difficulty managing on their own, just out of hospital or disabled – or if you’re currently their carer and need to take a break; Elderly care at home allows you or a loved one to continue in your chosen lifestyle, whilst receiving the required professional care and support.

Live-in care is often the solution that strikes the right balance between providing dedicated elderly care at home that you or a loved one needs, while maintaining independence by allowing them to continue in their chosen lifestyle.

Working Together

Our live-in carers will live in the service user’s own home, working together with them and their personal care plan; fulfilling the specific needs, from helping them to get up and dressed in the morning, to preparing meals, attending to daily tasks like washing up and laundry, dealing with telephone calls and admin, incontinence care where needed – and encouraging them to stay involved with the community through a wide range of social activities. At all times, we remain respectful of each person’s individuality and dignity.

If you’re looking into the provision of care for an elderly person, please feel free to get in touch and talk to us about any concerns you may have. We understand how difficult the decision making process can be.

Can we help?

If you or a loved one could use our professional support, it might be time to get in touch. One of our dedicated care coordinators will be happy to discuss a plan that’s most suitable for you.

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